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Choosing the Most Effective Bicycle Racks

Choosing the Most Effective Bicycle Racks

There is a mass of various bicycle racks on the market: wall, ceiling, ceiling type elevator, Clug racks. racks for one, two and even six bikes. Each of these solutions is better than a balcony or a place under the cloud. If there is not enough space in the garage or basement, it is also worth looking at such handles. Thanks to them, storage of a bike in winter and in other seasons will be much easier.

Ceiling rack – for those who have high rooms

Suspension of the bicycle protects tires against deformation and protects the bicycle itself against abrasions.

Wall rack – vertical or horizontal

The choice depends primarily on the amount of free space. The horizontal bike rack will allow us to display a two-wheeler, but it requires more space. These racks are the best solution in low rooms. You can choose the best indoor bicycle racks for that.

The only drawback is the possibility of getting the walls dirty with tires (on some versions).

There are two versions:

  • only the rear wheel is suspended and the front one is still on the ground
  • handle where both wheels hang in the air.

These are not typical racks, but rather service racks, but they can also be used to secure the bike for longer standing, e.g. in a garage or basement.

Clug wall brackets – small, clever, aesthetic

Clug is a small bicycle holder for keeping bicycles in your apartment. After mounting the mount to the wall, attach the front wheel of the bike and “park” the bike in a vertical position. This solution saves valuable space in apartments, which is not always too much, and the bike needs to be stored somewhere. This very elegant solution is designed for people who also care about aesthetics, and we can “hug” the bike with wheels to the wall.

Advantages of this solution:

trouble-free assembly,

small size

almost invisible wall bracket

Editor Software Webmasters Affiliate Program Home

Editor Software Webmasters Affiliate Program Home

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Editor Software Webmasters Affiliate Program Home

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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

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